• We know that delivery issues always come to mind when it comes to appointment setting especially if you have used other lead generation services. We are different! That's why we GUARANTEE to deliver all your appointments within the time frame of each package or we will refund 100% of your money with no questions asked less any appointments you have received! Example: If you purchase 3 appointments and we only deliver on 2 of them in 7 days you will have the option of a refund on the 3rd appointment or a FREE appointment and we will extended the time accordingly. Our philosophy on customer service is unmatched, if your not happy we're not happy!
  • We always aim to set the highest quality appointments in our industry, however, we are only as good as the person we are speaking to and thus can sometimes be fed bad information. In the event you go to an appointment and there are any issues with the contact or information we have provided you we will replace that lead FREE of charge! Please note we will attempt to validate this information prior to issuing a credit and appointment issues must be through no fault of your own.
  • Please note if you are looking for a specific amount of appointments that we do not list you can purchase more than one package or simply adjust the quantity of that package to the number you are looking for. You can also add appointments from each package using the SAVE MORE NOW!!!  option at the bottom in the appointment options.
  • Always plan on arriving early to your appointments, NEVER late. If you are running late call the contact and let them know, communication is everything. Always dress as professional as you possibly can, always have a business card and a brochure about your company ready to hand the prospect. Bring a notebook, iPad or legal pad with you to take notes, let the prospect do most of the talking and you do the listening, give a BRIEF synopsis of your company at the beginning of your conversation and that's it, don't bombard the customer with how fantastic your cleaning service is. Let your appearance, professionalism, experience and most importantly your proposal speak for itself.
  • Be sure you are targeting the neighboring businesses while you are out on your appointment(s), even if it's only introducing yourself and dropping off a business card this always leads to more accounts eventually. Make sure you follow-up on all your proposals through phone calls and emails, this isn't being pushy this is sales and we are in a highly competitive arena. Last make sure in your proposals there is a "call to action" in this case I would recommend highly giving something away for nothing, either a FREE month of service or carpet cleaning at startup something.
  • If your business does not have a website or you have a website that is unprofessional or thrown together you need to strongly consider correcting this! Especially in today's-day-in-age people want to validate who you are, on their time without the pressure of a sales pitch. Having a website for us to direct prospects to prior to your arrival allows the potential customer to be more prepared with who you are, have questions ready and overall doubles your chances of landing that account. Your website can and should be your best sales tool, it can be used on so many levels and best of all aside from the small hosting fee each month it's a fixed expense.
  • Last, appointment setting and lead generation is not a guaranteed sale! We are not making the sale for you or attempting to! We are setting you appointments with facilities who use your services, it is up to you to sell the contract. We provide you the contact persons name, company name, address, phone number, appointment time and date and in most case what their current cleaning situation is.This is the most effective tool in our industry for landing contracts bar none! Every successful janitorial service does this, your competition is doing it and if you don't also do it consider yourself missing out on contract after contract. Most business who use our services know this and will take advantage of it when we call. Who wouldn't want to potentially save money and get a better service all at the same time?