The Janitorial Center provides professional janitorial marketing and consulting services for those in the commercial cleaning industry.

Our market-insight and driven consulting process is based on one solitary goal, delivering services that meet the expanding industry needs of our customers.

All of our services have gone under rigorous research and testing to ensure practicality, usefulness, and above all success to those trying to grow or start their janitorial business.

Launched June 3rd, 1999, within a few short months The Janitorial Center delivered many outstanding marketing services to the cleaning industry representing hundreds of immediate and sustained sales. This philosophy was built on one premise, help customers expand with out the use of a franchise type environment! Anyone who has been involved or knows someone who has been involved with a janitorial franchise knows two things; One, the only business that ends up making a profit is the franchisor and Two, those individuals who invest their time and money in them always fail!

Consistent with our vision to produce excellent results and companies that succeed, we are always developing ideas and partnerships with our customers, employees, and vendors to even better our success rate.

Our bold focus is the pursuit of growth, accomplishment, and most-importantly happiness among our customers. The janitorial and commercial cleaning arena is not just a multi-billion dollar a year industry but also one that is fun and provides well to those families who own businesses in this sector.