Success Program B - (Retainer Only)

Success Program B - (Retainer Only)


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Success Program B - (Retainer Only)

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Success Program B requires an initial investment of $25,995.00 (USD). This program is designed especially for those individuals who seek to replace income relatively immediately and focus on the development of their business, which will guarantee greater financial prosperity. Most middle income positions held by this individual will easily be replaced within the first nine months upon the successful completion of their training. They will be making more in profits alone than the position they held when they signed up for this program.

Included in Success Program B:

  • Operations Manual
  • Business and Marketing Plan Development
  • Website Design, Domain Registration and Hosting for 1 year
  • Website Optimization
  • Unlimited Email Accounts
  • Logo Design
  • 1,000 Business Cards 
  • 1,000 Tri-fold full color brochures
  • 36 Screen printed t-shirts in 3 sizes or the sizes of your choice
  • 10 Full color embroidered collared shirts
  • All forms and contracts you will need to continue our system
  • Train your telemarketer(s) on how to setup an endless amount of janitorial appointments
  • $4,000.00 in monthly billing ($48,000 annually)
  • We come to you and function as an extension of your company 

Is This Program Right For You?

By choosing the Success Program B with The Janitorial Center, you are investing in a great opportunity to grow your company. The program offers a thirty to forty percent profit margin, compared with the industry average of fifteen percent. With this investment, we guarantee $4,000.00 in minimum monthly billing ($48,000.00 annually) within the first nine months.

The Janitorial Center brings total business development to the forefront. All services we offer are included in the The Janitorial Centers Success Program B.

Prior To Opening Obligations

After all documentation is returned to The Janitorial Center, we will contact you to schedule the beginning of your campaign.

The Janitorial Center will provide an initial training program. The Janitorial Center will provide you with access to our website so you can view all our "How To Videos", forms, contracts, etc. .

The Janitorial Center will develop a website complete with design. The Search Engine Optimization process will begin while the website is being created.

Complete Branding, Business Card, Brochure and shirt development will occur.

After Training is Complete

The Janitorial Center will provide you with all advertising and marketing materials that are contained in this package.

The Janitorial Center will market your company to all customers in your area who need janitorial services and perform tasks such as proposal submittal and walkthrough schedules.

Your $4,000.00 in minimum monthly guaranteed billing will be fulfilled within 9 months.

You must maintain one or more telephone numbers and fax lines dedicated for your business which will be listed in web directories and search engines. 

Training Program

The Janitorial Center provides an initial training program to you when we start your campaign which covers marketing for janitorial accounts, account retention and administration and developmental structure of your business. Instructional materials and methods include manuals, videos and personalized instruction. You will be required to make minimal material purchases such as books and some other reasonable expenses.

Success Program B Summary:

Moderate Program
Cost: $25,995.00
$5,000.00 Minimum monthly billing ($60,000.00 Annually) within 6 months
The $10,000.00 charged is a retainer only and the remaining $15,995.00 will be due and payable in four milestone payments of $3,998.75 as we deliver everything included in this package. This is usually in 270 days or less.

Success Program B is backed by an agreement which outlines the expectations for the relationship. The agreement is available once we have received your deposit, included in your agreement is the minimum business volume guarantee as well as all The Janitorial Center promises. 

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