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Required Supplies & Equipment:

· Commercial Upright Vacuum or a Wide Area Vacuum
· Disposable Vacuum Bags
· Caution Signs

1. Prepare Area - Take the upright vacuum to the work site. Place a "Caution" sign in a prominent location. Remove any chairs, tables, or desks that are portable to leave a wide open area for easy access vacuuming.

2. Set Up Equipment - Plug in machine and place in a central location. Be sure equipment has a three prong plug. To move wet pickup tank vacuums short distances, pull by the hose. To move longer distance, rewind cord and push the vacuum itself. Take care not to bump walls or furniture.

3. Vacuum Carpet - Generally use a push-pull stroke about 3 feet long. Vacuum so that the nap of the carpet is laid out by the pull stroke. Overlap strokes slightly until area is covered. Use the accessory tools for hard-to-get-spots. Move furniture and equipment as little as possible. Do not over clean. Usually two strokes per pass are sufficient. Watch cord carefully as it can present a safety hazard. Work away from the wall with the cord plug outlet to help avoid being tangled in cords.

4. When Finished - Remove the "Caution" sign. Return the vacuuming equipment to the storage area. Check to make sure that the filter bags are not full. If they are full, empty the bag or replace it with a new disposable bag. Also check for worn brushes or brush strips and replace immediately.

5. Clean Up - Wipe the vacuum unit and cord clean of any loose dust or soil. Wash Hands. Move back any furniture that was moved to clean.

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