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Required Supplies & Equipment:

· Rotary floor buffer with pad holder
· Carpet bonnets
· Carpet spotter
· Dual motor upright vacuum
· Pump up chemical sprayer
· Carpet blower dryers
· Bonnet shampoo
· Mop bucket & wringer

1. Preparation - Remove all obstructions from the area to be cleaned. If possible, remove the furniture. Use the dual motor upright vacuum to vacuum the area prior to cleaning. Assemble all the equipment and supplies and take them to the area to be cleaned. Fill the pump up chemical sprayer and mop bucket and add the properly measured carpet bonnet solution to the water.

2. Carpet Bonnet Cleaning Procedure - Move the floor machine to area to be cleaned. Attach the pad holder to the machine. Spray carpet bonnet with carpet bonnet solution.

Spray 4'x8' area to be cleaned with carpet bonnet solution. Place the carpet bonnet under the pad holder on the floor machine. Spray the exposed surface of the bonnet with the cleaning solution. Bonnet buff the area that has been sprayed. Move the machine at a gradual, steady pace. Spray another area. Turn the carpet bonnet pad over and repeat this procedure.

Keep the carpet bonnet pads clean by rinsing and wringing them out in clear water in the mop bucket and wringer.

When the area is clean, allow the carpet to dry before replacing furniture. Wet carpet can cause rust and indentations from furniture. Carpet dryers speed drying times considerably. Foil or cardboard squares may be used under the legs of furniture if the room must be put back into service before the carpet is dry.

3. Clean Up - Empty all unclean solution. Thoroughly flush out and rinse sprayer. Wash bucket and wringer until there is no soil residue remaining inside. Wipe with a clean, lint free wiper. Wash all bonnets and hang to dry. Wipe floor machine and cord clean. Wash hands.

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