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Required Supplies & Equipment:

· Toilet Bowl Cleaner
· Disposable Gloves
· Bowl Caddy
· Safety Eyewear

1. Preparation - Assemble all necessary supplies. Flush toilet and urinal before beginning the procedure. Put on disposable gloves and safety glasses for safety.

2. Disinfecting / Cleaning Toilets and Urinals - Apply toilet bowl cleaner to the inside of the bowls and urinals. Wet the flushing rim of the toilet thoroughly. Leave the chemical in the bowl while you disinfect and clean the other areas around the fixture. Spray the top of the toilet seat with the disinfectant/cleaner. Raise the seat and spray on the underside. Spray seat hinges until they are saturated. Spray all of the hardware in the toilet or urinal including flush handles and pipes that may came in contact with human touch.

Apply additional Disinfectant/Cleaner by saturating a bowl mop, held directly over the toilet or urinal, and applying the solution to the inside of the surfaces. Be sure to clean the flushing rim and waterline areas carefully. Scrub these areas with a bowl brush.

After the inside of the fixture is cleaned, flush it and rinse out the bowl mop and brush. Wring the mop out against the inside of the fixture or in an attached cup/wringer. Do not touch either cleaning tool with exposed skin.

Spray the outside and bottom surfaces with the disinfectant/cleaner. Rub these areas with a clean wiper.

Wipe both sides of the toilet seat dry with a clean disposable wiper. Flush to remove any remaining disinfectant solution, which may splash on the next person to use the toilet or urinal.

3. Clean Up - In order to control cross-infection, hands should be washed after performing these cleaning duties. Before continuing on to the next area, wash your hands.

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