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Our marketing lists are not the same as other providers! Each list is run completely separate and individually to each customers specifications. We designed this method as a low cost alternative to sites like Salesgeni and InfoFree or "Info Not Free". Sites like these allow you to view leads but only allow you to export a low amount of them that you can actually use. Not to mention emails are kept secret and they do not allow you to export them, really??? What's the point of the subscription??? Using marketing lists from The Janitorial Center allows you to pay a ONE TIME fee and get access to UNLIMITED prospecting data in your area, any area or multiple areas. This data is in .csv format so it will open in any spreadsheet program and will contain the following:

  • Business name
  • Complete Business Address
  • Business Phone number
  • The scope the business is classified under
  • Business website (if they have one)
  • Business email (if listed)
  • Leads will be provided in one or all of the following formats depending on your selection .csv, .xml, .tsv or .sql. NOTE: The most common format is .cvs this will open in almost all spreadsheet programs like Excel.

We GUARANTEE "SAME DAY" turn around on lists that you order befor 5:oopm EDT. It's simple; one fee, UNLIMITED data and UNLIMITED revisions. Why pay $60.00 or more per month and get limited access to the data you need???

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Prospecting Data Prospecting Data

Prospecting Data

This product offers you the ability to do the most changeling part of growing your business yourself..
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