Website Hosting

Every website needs a hosting space so it can be found on the internet and not all providers are the same. This is especially true in our industry and here's why. Every website has an IP (Internet Protocol) address, think of it as a phone number assigned to your domain. When multiple businesses in the same industry use the same nameservers search engines tend to rank them higher in search relevance. When your website is hosted by "general" hosting companies (also known as "shared hosting") it's lumped in with hundreds of other business types. These domains are all using the same nameservers and this tends to rank you lower in organic search results.

Having the proper hosting setup for your website is another key tool The Janitorial Center offers that will give you an edge on your competetion. We offer four levels of hosting depending on what type of website you have. Basic websites only need Copper Hosting, while WordPress and eCommerce sites will need one of our other three plans. All Hosting plans give you full access to cPanel, from here you can add email accounts, manage your website, access your email from anywhere, use Webdisk for remote data backup and much more. Our hosting plans are the most robust in the industry and offer every conceivable option.

For those not as technology advanced as others, not to worry we will fully mange this process for you. Tell us what you want and we'll make it happen! From setting up and configuring your emails to making simple website edits The Janitorial Center has you covered!

All plan prices are for 1 year of hosting.

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