Employee - Subcontractor Forms

This category contains all the documents and forms you will need for your employees and subcontractors in the day-to-day operations of your janitorial or commercial cleaning business.

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Background Verification Authorization

Use this download to authorize background checks on potential or current employees, this form is als..

Employee Liability Waiver

Use this download to protect yourself form liability claims due to workplace accidents. This form al..

Employee Non-Compete Agreement

Use this download to secure your companies information and possible trade secrets from being release..

Employee or Subcontractor Exit Interview

Exit interviews are a great way evaluate your employee and subcontractor retention. The purpose..

Employee Policies and Procedures With Sick Days

Use this download to establish company policies and procedures with your employees. This form establ..

Employee Warning Notice

This download is used for warning employees of violation(s) to company policies and/or conduct unbec..

Employment Application

This is a complete job application to use in your janitorial service or commercial cleaning business..

Employment Contract Agreement

This download is for entering in to an agreement with a person you are considering for an open posit..

Polygraph Consent Form

Use this download when you must administer a polygraph, more commonly known as a lie detector test t..

Release of Liability Waiver

Use this download to protect your company from lawsuits and other liability claims from any one work..
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