Carpet Dyeing Color Restoration Manual

Carpet Dyeing Color Restoration Manual


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Carpet Dyeing Color Restoration Manual

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Welcome to the exciting world of color carpet care. As you probably know, color is an important influence on our lives. It affects how we think and feel.

Today's carpet care professional must meet tough challenges to survive in the market place. Spot dyeing, color cleaning, and changing the color of carpet are the important way to meet this challenge and to satisfy your customers' needs.

This manual will help you solve the problems you may meet in the field and will help you be better equipped to provide professional color services for your customer. It will provide you with the basic how-to information. This manual meets all information requirements for IICRC and The Janitorial Center's training certification as a Color Repair Technician.

Carpet care generally means cleaning, dyeing, and repairing, the carpet's fibers, and not the backing or latex adhesive used in its manufacturing processes. It is important to remember that all carpet fibers are cleanable but all are not dye able. You must always perform fiber testing before you attempt to make any color repairs or corrections on every repair job. This will let you know how the fibers will be affected and if they will accept the color correction dyes.

Carpet fibers are classified into four categories: protein fibers and cellulosic fibers, semi-synthetic fibers, and synthetic fibers.

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