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Janitorial Appointment Setting and Lead Generation Services

Using The Janitorial Center for your Appointment Setting and Lead Generation helps commercial cleaning and/or janitorial companies increase sales through cold calling, generating quality prospect's, and Setting Qualified Appointments. So your first question is obvious, what is our idea of a qualified appointment? Unlike most lead generation services who have you running all over town, to places that were high pressured on the phone in to accepting a visit from you, we actually "QUALIFY" a lead in one of three ways or we don't book the appointment!

  1. The business we are prospecting does not have a cleaning service and they are looking to hire one.
  2. The business we are prospecting does have a cleaning company and they are unhappy with their service.
  3. The business we are prospecting does have cleaning company, their contract is up for renewal or "coming up for renewal" and they are ACTIVELY taking quotes.

If the prospect meets any of the following criteria then it is qualified as a valid lead and passed down to "you" the customer. Another game played by lead generation services that sets us apart is the recycling of appointments to 3 or more clients (you). In our opinion this is just plain "bad business" and should never be done! It's misleading to all parties involved and almost always results in none of the bids provided being accepted by the prospect. This is similar to the game the franchises play with selling contracts and we assure you it will have the same result!

If your looking for a lead generation service with the lowest possible CPL (cost per lead) then you can expect the lowest possible result! Rest assured that the money your saving on the appointments you'll be spending in wasted time, energy and gas driving all over your service area with nothing to show for it. However, when done properly these qualified appointments will assist you in acquiring new clients. We specialize in producing results for janitorial and commercial cleaning companies and these are the only types of clients we do business with. We work with you to create a quality, custom-designed campaign that produces results at affordable prices. Turning results into revenue!

We do not outsource ANY of our calling to other countries! All of our marketing is done in Tampa, Florida by clear, English speaking, Professional Appointment Setters (PAS) who rank in the top 20% of performance in the marketplace. They are the Best-of-the-Best, Best-of-Breed and the "Top Guns" in the industry, bar none! All PAS have a minimum of 7 to 10 years of business experience and, more importantly, a minimum of 5 to 7 years of actual outbound appointment setting experience with a successful track record of results. Our experienced appointment setting professionals are dedicated to producing results and delivering high-quality services. Our firm is rooted in honesty, integrity and the "Golden Rule".


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